There are no frozen rosters until April 1, 2015. The only exception to this are the rosters of teams that win an Elite World Series qualifier. Those rosters are frozen immediately. 

At The Plate

Click here to see who is signed up for the November 29-30 Thankgiving Super NIT

10 Major & 11 Major Brackets now posted. All others will be posted tomorrow evening 

The new national web site is experiencing some problems. Please use Google Chrome as your Browser until they are rectified. If you are paying online, enter the web site using your log in ID and password. Click on the "view schedule" link. You will see the Thanksgiving Tournament listed with a red " pay by charge card" link. Click on it to go to the payment page.

2014-2015 Bat Regulations are in effect: 

Information on Legal Bat Markings | Approved Bat Manufacturers | Withdrawn/Non-Complient Bats 

Please note that begining on Jan. 1, 2014 All Bats must have the USSSA bat mark on them. This includes all small barrel bats.